8th Grade Social Studies Worksheets

8th Grade Social Studies Worksheets

About the 8th Grade Worksheets

Because 7th grade and 8th grade social studies is typically a 2 year program, don’t be afraid to teach in any particular order you like as far as the worksheets on Mega Social Studies is organized. We just found that, chronologically, this was the most suitable way to organize our 8th grade worksheets; chronological order that is. Social studies in these two grades tend to look at the causes of the American Civil War and also events that happen during…Continue Reading Below…

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About the 7th Grade Worksheets Continued

Curriculum’s then typically delve into the results of the Civil War and how it ties into the industrialization of America in the second half of the 19th century. Find some worksheets that can also help you with the economic systems developed during that time or just take a look at some of our lesson plans. Culture and society had some major changes and adjustments to make during this time. So explaining the ethnicity and diversity in American would be a perfect time to introduce these topics during this time period also. The United States while, independent, has also become interdependent during the 19th century. These are history and economic topics combined. But also in becoming a global power the United States had built up territories. Integrate geographical worksheets to help visual the world how it is today and how it compared in the middle 19th century.

Take a look at the last 6 topics usually discussed in 7th and 8th grade social studies.

    Division and Reunion
    An Industrial Society
    The United States as an
    Independent Nation in an
    Increasingly Interdependent World
    The United States Between the Wars
    The United States Assumes
    Worldwide Responsibilities
    The Changing Nature of the
    American People from World War II to the Present

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