History American Revolutionary War Worksheet


History American Revolutionary War Worksheet

This History American Revolutionary War Worksheet is perfect for teaching one of the most important events in US history. The History American Revolutionary War Worksheet contains a short summary of the American Revolutionary War, one image, and five questions. Four of the question can be answered with information directly from the summary. The 5th question is a critical thinking question that asks the social studies students his or her outlook or opinion.

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American Revolutionary War Worksheet

About the History American Revolutionary War Worksheet

The History American Revolutionary War Worksheet will teach only the most significant information about the American Revolutionary War. It is perfect for children learning about US History for the first time or simply getting a refresher course.

Understanding Why the American Revolutionary War Occurred

It is important to place emphasis on exactly why the American Revolutionary War occurred in the first place. The History American Revolutionary War Worksheet is perfect for doing this.

It explains the dissatisfaction the American colonists had with the King of England’s unfair treatment toward them.

Some examples:
1. Unfair treatment by British soldiers
2. Unfair taxes
3. Inability to vote on taxes and other laws.

Who this Worksheet is Good For :

US History American Revolutionary War Worksheet for Kids are great for social studies students in Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Middle School.

The Text from the Worksheet

The American Revolutionary War was first sparked by British troops attempt to remove firearms from colonists in Concord, Massachusetts in 1775. This event at Lexington was the first of the American Revolutionary War. The relationship between Great Britain and the colonists had already been filled with conflict and ill feelings. The colonists felt the treatment they were receiving from Great Britain was in violation of their rights. This discontent was displayed as early as 1773 when colonist boarded a British ship docked at the Boston harbor carrying a shipment of tea. They were fed up with “taxation without representation”. So they dumped all of the tea into the harbor calling the even The Boston Tea Party.

All these events would lead to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. In it, America declared its independence from Great Britain. In 1776, General George Washington sailed across the Delaware River to engage the British in the first formal battle of the war. It was in the cities of Trenton and Princeton the British Garrisons were defeated.

This was however the first of many war breakouts that would occur over the course of the revolution. It was to the colonists’ advantage that although the British controlled the larger states of New York and Pennsylvania, the colonist controlled the rest of territories.
The newly declared United States of America would later join forces with France as allies. After agreeing to a trade and commerce pact, the King of France, Louis XVI, would declare war on Great Britain on behalf of America. This act would cause the British Empire to seriously consider the inevitable outcome of the war.

In 1783, 8 years after the war started, the British House of Commons voted to end the war. They removed their final soldiers from South Carolina and Georgia marking the end of the American Revolutionary War. In Paris, France that same year, the British would sign the Treaty of Paris officially ending the war once and for all.

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