History Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheet

History Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheet for Kids

In this Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheet you will learn about the government, social classes, and inventions of ancient Egyptian civilization. See below for more info. This History Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheet includes 5 questions on the second page. 4 of the questions can be answered within the reading. The last question will require small amount of research for the student.
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History Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheets are great for social studies students in Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Middle School.
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About This History Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheet

History Ancient Egyptian Civilization Worksheet

From the Text

Ancient Egyptian civilization is said to have flourished more than 5000 years ago for more than 2000 years. This civilization has been credited with many inventions, social and government structuring and profound architecture.

Ancient Egypt was made of three social classes plus slaves. The three classes were: the upper class, the middle class and the lower class. The upper class consisted of the royal family, high priests, wealthy landowners and doctors. The middle class consisted of merchants, manufacturers and skilled laborers like craftsmen. Lastly, the lower class consisted of unskilled laborers who were mainly farmers. Other important people included scribes. Scribes would study for 12 years to perfect their profession. They would eventually become teachers, civil servants or librarians. Unlike social classes that would later be formed in Europe and China, these social classes could be ascended by way of hard work or marriage.

Ancient Egyptians believed in polytheism; with the exception of King Akhenaten. Their primary Gods came from nature deities representing wind, water, sky, trees and animals. As cities widened in population, they started to worship local Gods alongside the major ones. The God Ptah (Tah), for example, was given credit with creating the city of Memphis in Egypt.

In relation to the worshiping of gods as well as the head of government itself, stood usually a monarch deemed the God-King. The God-King, or pharaoh, ruled over the unified land of Egypt and could be either man or woman. This position was inherited by way of birthright. Alongside the pharaoh were advisors called Viziers who aided him in, serving as judges, mayors or even tax collectors. Since they had no money system, they used a barter system under which grains were used as common trade items. Egypt was also split into 42 different providences called nomes and governed by nomarchs. The ancient Egyptians are the first civilization to have a fully organized civil government.

Egyptian are also given credit with making the first usable paper out of papyrus (unlike that later invented in China), the first 365 day solar calendar used to predict the flooding of the Nile River, ink and hieroglyphics which was the first flexible writing system.

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