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Social Studies Kid’s Community Worksheets for Kids

Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Middle School Kids

A great way to teach social studies kids about community is through free printable social studies worksheets. We have free community social studies worksheets for:

1st grade social studies, 2nd grade social studies, 3rd grade social studies, 4th grade social studies, 5th grade social studies, 6th grade social studies, 7th grade social studies, and 8th grade social studies!

Community helper worksheets can be great team building activities for kids. If you are a social studies teacher or looking for ways on how to teach social studies to children, use these social studies print outs as part of your social studies lesson plan!

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Why Learn About US Communities for Kids

The word community comes from the French word “together” and “gift”. A community is a group of individuals and or families that live in a neighborhood that often thrives and grows together. Communities are made up of local businesses, schools systems, public officials and officers, and families like the one you have. Our US Community Worksheets for Kids to teach your social studies students more about communities and the role that each person plays in a community. This can be an excellent team building category for your social studies class. It can teach them the importance of working together and responsibility. Include this worksheet in your existing lesson plan or print some of our other worksheets to create an entire social studies lesson plan.

Although separated in its own individual topic here on Mega Social Studies, learning about communities is really a part of Civic Education. It’s a fundamental lesson in being a US citizen. Communities teach teamwork, responsibility, and democracy. Our printable social studies worksheets about communities for kids will fit in perfect with any civics lesson plan or social studies lesson plan.

Ideas for Use

Our US Community Worksheets for Kids social studies print outs are perfect for social studies student of all ages. These community worksheets help students look at their community from the outside in and question how they can make a positive impact on them.

Try having your kids brainstorm in groups to answer some of the How to Help questions. If you are working on the Communities Idea Web Worksheet, try leading the exercise or starting it for younger social studies students in first grade social studies, second grade social studies, third grade social studies or fourth grade social studies. For fifth grade social studies, sixth grade social studies seventh grade social studies and 8th grade social studies students, its a perfect way to start writing an essay.

If everyone is having fun learning social studies, that’s all that matters!