US President Worksheets for Kids

US President Worksheets for Kids


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K-8 Social Studies

Kindergarten, Elementary School, and Middle School Kids

Presidents for kids are the best way to teach kids about United States history. With free worksheets teach your social studies kids about some of America’s historic figures. These printable kid’s President worksheets are great for:

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Why Teach President Worksheets for Kids

Understanding and knowing some of US’s most inspirational and biggest contributors is critical to learning about US social studies and US history. That’s why we have created some fun social studies worksheets free print outs surrounding some of the US’s Presidents. Each printable worksheet will describe a little bit about the life of the US President for kids and also what they were best known for accomplishing. At the end of the short passage are five questions designed to help solidify learning of


Ideas for Use

Although the passages in the US President Worksheets for Kids print outs are relatively short, the vocabulary in some may be challenging to some of your social studies students. Be sure to allot enough time for completion for younger social studies students or students where English is not their first language.

If everyone is having fun learning social studies, that’s all that matters!